Protective Welding Gear in Nova Scotia

A leader in welding safety, Foster’s Fire & Safety carries a wide variety of welding protection equipment for your commercial and industrial needs.

Lift-front welding helmet


Welding Helmet

Model 5000 Speedy-Logo provides easy on/off welding helmet mounting on protective caps. Fully adjustable to better fit Fibre-Metal caps and major competitive brands. Model 4000 Quick-Lok provides more permanent mounting for longer term or high activity applications. Model 6000 Quick-Lok mounting blades for quick and easy mounting of Fibre-Metal welding helmets.

Filter, Safety, Cover Plates and Lenses

Full line of filter, safety cover plates and lenses plus magnifiers. Includes top quality glass or plastic plates and lenses for virtually every metal fabrication application.

Enhancing Sweat Bands

Your choice of smooth vinyl wrapped foam (FM-44); shearing wood (FM-66); soft-grain leather (FM-67); or soft, absorbent cotton (FM-68). Circulating air evaporates sweat-band moisture for cooling effect.

Protective Eyewear

Advanced designs provide all the welder requested features. Feather-light, super-strong frames with a single high-impact, scratch-resistant lens. Contemporary, contoured styling fits comfortably under welding helmets. Available with shade 3.0 and 5.0 filter lens.

Compatible Respirators

Dual cartridge or disposable models designed to fit comfortably under most Fibre-Metal welding helmets where respiratory protection is required.

Welding Gloves & Mitts
Iron Wolf, GL3-501i & GL3505i
Also available are leather aprons, bibs and jackets

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