Foster’s Fire & Safety has Your CSA Footwear of Choice in Nova Scotia

When you’re looking for maximum workplace protection and comfort for your feet, look no further than Foster’s Fire & Safety. We ship all over Nova Scotia.

Royer Safety Footwear

Royer Boots

Men and Women's sport shoe - Item # 10-001

Item # 10-8620

Item # 10-4001

Item # 10-4011

Bekina Thermo Z40

Dunlop Thermo D662 343-67

Big Bill Boots
BB5010 / Men’s original 8-inch, tan nubuck leather

Big Bill Boots
BB6530 / Men’s metal free 8-inch, waterproof, dark brown leather

Big Bill Boots
BB6500 / Men’s metal free 8-inch, waterproof, black leather

Royer 5725

Black or brown

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